The Legend of LUST – Hottie (2nd update)

This interactive game tells a story of what is going on in Hell to you. In addition to torture and violence, things that are depraved and intriguing are occurring . The youthfull demoness lays off on a trip to explore this adventurous fresh world. She has to go through each of the circles of hell so as to understand her destiny. The demoness looks damn sexy. She’s total lips, a round butt and a taut pink twat. As well as huge and chic watermelons. She looks like the queen of Satan. So she studies the circles of hell, kills bothersome demons and approaches the villain. This really is a enormous fanatic that protects a treasure chest. The demoness needs to overpower him using her sexiness. And fuck to death. You have to help her for this. Use the mouse and game elements to interact with the game. Till he expires and then fuck the monster. You will get the treasure. Do you enjoy? Then let’s begin the game right now. Play now »