It’s not ogre yet-mini-

Thi sgame is extremely brief and quite plain however on teh other hand there aren’t so much fantasy manga porn games out there. Well, at least aficionados o fthis genre certainly would really like to have more of them. So if you’re lovin’ hot fantasy creatures joining up to give you awesome interspecies sex demonstrate then you shouldn’t overlook this one! There will not be any narrative, dialogs or lengthy introductions. Right from the start you will find main leading lady being wrapped up in some dim and filthy dungeon space and utilized by large green ogre. To progress the game only use arrow buttons you’ll find on game screen to switch into the next scene. There will not be many of them but all of them are well drawn and animated hence in case you will enjoy it then it won’t take too much of the time to match this game couple more times. Play now »