Candy Shop – Neapolitan

The daring and often crazy experiments at the large candy producing company are not going to stop and we invite you to dive into this by numerous ways and exciting processes once more. Join your favorite characters from “Candy Shop” series and find out how they will turn another one dessert into fuckable chick which , this time, will be comprised of… the neapolitan treat! Which actually might bring some difficulties for test-guy Andy since the whole laboratory will be turned into a massive freezer to conduct the necessary ingredients for this test. But we’re pretty certain that he will find ways to get out of this situation and finish his job of checking the “fuckability” (is there such word even exist?) This is the latest hottie. Hottie, when everything else is cold Play now »

News Reporter 2

Are you prepared to get another feeling from the filed while truly hot events happening? And in this city the best events happen only where our news reporter Natasha is! By the way, Natasha is Nancy’s stepsister who was a big-boobed and sex-positive writer from the first portion of the game (if you have not played it yet then you probably should test it on our site before playing this 1 becaus ethe stories have been attached). Only Natasha’s fantasy is to become famous by elementary getting someone scandal around the TV display out. If it’s going to be Nancy. As for the gameplay it’ll be a reaction game so pay attention on everything you want to do and once or you will see the game over screen sooner than you dreamed! And plaing you’ll be not as Natasha and not even as Nancy however… find it in the game! Play now »

Meet and fuck – The plumber

It’s a heartwarming game that involves an artisan who has to repair one thing in this home where a gorgeous woman with massive breasts is. The lady is not hesitant about finding a way to arrange once she has found work and the mother figure. Friday night, the craftsman finished his work and needed to go to the bar for a drink. At once, the bell rang and also the bell rang among his customers. This. It is worth visiting prior to your visit to the bar. You can help the artisan to alter the matter within the balm home. Use the interactive parts and the mouse to accomplish this. Of course, the pipes work specifically because they have to. once the work is finished, Melissa starts taking her clothes off and wants to give be sincerely thanked. It’s quite horny. She’s fine and has massive bosoms. The smell of her pussy is wonderful. Do you plan to seduce Melissa with your cock? So that the girl can have an adolescent consummation. Have a real-time interaction. Play now »