Miss Fortune’s Booty Trap – XXX Parody

Miss Fortune asserts he rbounty after agaian and once again it was a young dude who might need to fuck her to get a night long. Just choose where Miss Fortune should be fucked – within her labia or in her booty – and welcome to her cottage where you are able to enjoy the display! However if simply watching is not enough for you’re able to devote time on interactive elements – all ove rthe place you will discover covert items which you are able to activate and they will… switch Miss Fortune’s garments! Ofcourse all these garbs are out of original game so if you happened to be the huge devotee of it afterward you definitely going to like the process much more! In the event if you enjoy”Leage of Legends” but Miss Fortune isn’t your fave character subsequently visit our website – we have plenty of games using otehr characters ! Play now »