Ohiru Nayanko – Undress babe

The first-ever step you will see is this game is in japanese vocabulary but should you into unclothing down very uber-cute looking neko-girls don’t allow this fact to prevent you (and if you know the language then you most likely already playing it). Moreover, you should not to be worried about the laguage because this game is not oriented with no story-telling and right from the commence you get your chance to put your hands on th emost curvy areas of the unshaved cutie… but don’t wake her up becaus elike any game this one has a challenge elements in it as well. Keep a watch out for the special meter and click the active zones in the certain moments if you want to progress thru the game and also to enjoy the veiw of this cutie still sleeping but without her top and underpants from now on… Play now »