Candy Shop – Coffee Bean

Is there anything as titillating as java beans in the daytime? Well our science group will undoubtedly try and believe out something… New scene of hilarious and sexy game collection”Candy Shop” is back with new treat that you can love in fresh – sensual – way! And today they decided to go balck by creating nailable woman! What’s lead them to the choice you will figure out from the animated uintroduction section and what they obtained as result you’ll be able to see during the testing part of the demonstrate. And not only to see but to try too – exactlylike in prior games studying segment suppose one to select just how precisely this freshly established sweet gal will be utilized! Just do not forget there is a great deal of different vignettes in this series and you can locate them on our site. What’s your favorite dessert? Play now »

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

The daring and often crazy experiments at the large candy producing company are not going to stop and we invite you to dive into this by numerous ways and exciting processes once more. Join your favorite characters from “Candy Shop” series and find out how they will turn another one dessert into fuckable chick which , this time, will be comprised of… the neapolitan treat! Which actually might bring some difficulties for test-guy Andy since the whole laboratory will be turned into a massive freezer to conduct the necessary ingredients for this test. But we’re pretty certain that he will find ways to get out of this situation and finish his job of checking the “fuckability” (is there such word even exist?) This is the latest hottie. Hottie, when everything else is cold Play now »

News Reporter 2

Are you prepared to get another feeling from the filed while truly hot events happening? And in this city the best events happen only where our news reporter Natasha is! By the way, Natasha is Nancy’s stepsister who was a big-boobed and sex-positive writer from the first portion of the game (if you have not played it yet then you probably should test it on our site before playing this 1 becaus ethe stories have been attached). Only Natasha’s fantasy is to become famous by elementary getting someone scandal around the TV display out. If it’s going to be Nancy. As for the gameplay it’ll be a reaction game so pay attention on everything you want to do and once or you will see the game over screen sooner than you dreamed! And plaing you’ll be not as Natasha and not even as Nancy however… find it in the game! Play now »

Maid for You

There’s not so much time required for your room to turn into accomplish mess if you are not paying sufficient attention to cleaning it up. And the larger the mess is the less you will want to deal with it by yourself but fortunately there is a solution for situations like that – thanks to specific online site you can arrange a part-time maid who can do the dirty job for you! And even tho there’ll be many fairly distinct maids about this site you have lucky enough to get the very cute and sexy appearing of them. And accroding to the traditions of the genre she will take care not only of this mess in the room but she will take a roper good care of this mes sin yoru trousers which her round forms within her uber-cute uniform has generated the very first place… Play now »

Candy Shop – Peppermint

The game online Peppermint is one amongst the most adored and refreshing flavors of all desserts It’s not a surprise that it was just one more thing to be done prior to the mad scientists of Bo Peep Candy Laboratory put gloves, brains, and various other body elements on mint. If that weren’t enough, this event could also be presented before the winter break season, which is the season of battle between candy vendors. All of this puts two responsibilities for the analysis team and the end-product tests are going to be more intense and essential than the usual. Let’s get started. Play now »

Vega Hunters [v 10.5]

This is a unique and amazing hentai sci-fi setting. You will play as Dranock. You’re an experienced bounty hunter who has a good reputation, especially when it comes to finding rebel female gangsters. But this new mission is promising to be quite challenging, and you will require the help of Mildred who will accompany you as you attempt to locate someone named Bloody Otter. Of course, during your search you’ll meet many other people, with some being hot girls that could be a possibility to have a sexual relationship with, therefore don’t be in a rush and try to explore all the opportunities that you will get well enough to gain the most of not just information but also some fun too! Play now »

Epic Sexy Magic

The narrative of a young wizard who determined to switch his fate and proceed to function as the Queen of the Light. The wizard cannot pass, because there are no city clothing . Near the gate there is a wagon behind which a nobleman fucks a young maid. The wizard creeps closer and steals the clothes of a nobleman. He is allowed into the city. There he comes to the Queen of Light to get the job – you will need to eliminate the nerves in the basement that is royal. So use your mouse use magic charms and interact with objects. After every assignment, you will be given a prize and advance up the career. Maybe a wizard can fuck the Queen of Light in her royal arse? You’ll see the answer when you embark the game. Play now »


In the realm of this game SexoVision! Is among the most well-liked events (yep, it is analog to our real world EuroVision obviously). And everybody would like to have at a small lump of the stardom thsi occasion can provide… even though there aren’t any dancing or singing abilities at all! But don’t worry – in the world of hentai games the other talents are having far higher cost… In this game you will following the adventures of three friends who think that they can become famous instead watching the display on the TV every year. They were able to find the place out where SexoVision! Is going to take place this year by pleasing one person after another and they are making their way. Sex and humor and colorful art style – something you won’t need to miss! Play now »

Diva Mizuki Sex Game

Diva Mizuki ahs this outstanding curves that it is hard to feel she is from exactly the identical planet as we are. And this story will approve this theory as youw ill watch her travelling her spaceship… but maybe not for too long too far because she gets crashed to the back of some dude who is fortunate enough to be home alone in the moment. The difficulties with the boat does not appear to be any severe and Diva can mend them fairly fast but only if she’ll find a helping mitt… and this dude is ready to help! However, for reward ofcourse. And what kind of reward he might request from extra curvy ultra-cutie such as Diva Mizuki? The obvious one… plus it look sliek Diva doesn’t mind whatsoever! So go after their brief but very titillating escapade and see where they will end up at the end of this great day! Play now »

Candy Shop – Honey Pop

Welcome back to Candy Shop – at which all nymphs which you may fuck with are exceptionally sweet! And now you will try to discover how sweet may be”Honey Pop”. The story begins with Andy. Now when he is sick his team (of crazy and big-boobed doctor as well as her might be crazy but certainly less buxom helper) is trying to eliminate of him… wellthey can do it first they will try to assist him where else they can receive such a fantastic product tester within this hour? And what will help anybody who got cold and needs his immune system to get a boost? It’s is honey naturally! But as it always happens on this candy that the honey may come to Andy from the form of sexy gal whichhe will have to fuck at a string of well-animated tests very first! So hook-up and honey – to the rescue! Play now »