Lois and Donna in trouble

Lois and Donna were likely to get a wild housewives just time but their make-out prelude has required too much time or just Peter has come home sooner than usual but they are just going to get busted during their g/g games! Luckily enough Lois has locked the front door so they still have the opportunity to finish what they embarked and may be even to hide any traces of the cheating… if only for some unthinkable reason the man known as Quagmire won’t need duplicate key to their own building! And because you have very likely guessed he’s that crucial and that which exactly was supposedto be a supporting the intruder is now going to become the ideal day at Quagmire’s life! The remainder component of the stroy as well as the most intriguing moments you need to see on your own! Play now »