This animated sequence was made by Silestaur. It’s taken from the larger text-based rpg “Trials in Tainted Space” that you can play and enjoy if you think you’re looking for a good dose of interactive entertainment. This story will include two characters. One of them is Syri the extremely hot and hrony furry futanari. The other will be Steele the avatar you will play within the real world. You will be able to select one of several gender options such as male, to determine the character Steele will become at the start of the game. Female and transsexual! Whatever choice you make, you can be certain that Syri and you will have an amazing virtual sex experience! There’s other furries on our website. Play now »

Catgirl Christmas

If you always liked hot anime catgirls and always desired to fuck one of them then this game is going to be a bounty for you. No, truly – it is even christmas themed and commences with an opening of large red box using a ribbons on top. And as you already might guessed there will very super-cute catgirl in it. With dark hair, pointy years and lengthy tail, slim body and xmas style corset with nice round boobies… and even xmas bells within her hairs to create an atmosphere! (at this time you will possibly want to bookmark this match and replay it when the true xmas season will hit the calendar). The gameplay is more than ordinary – click on the arrow buttons at teh bottom left side of the screen to go thru a series of hot cartoon of the cutie taking care of the more that realistic boner Play now »

Freak Show

The title of the manga porn game is”Freak Show” and according to the name you’re likely to go to the spectacle of a very special circus that’s going to demonstrate to one of the very strange yet still able to fuck (one manner or another) creatures. Everything that you will need to do is to select which one of three perfomances that you want to see next and then love the show! Each of those shows will consist of few scenes which will go automatically in chronological order but you can switch inbetween it’s segments thru the menu in the bottom part of game screen whenever you want to. When the cusmhot cartoon is performed you’ll be send down to the display where you could check re-watch or other displays the ones you have seen and enjoyed. More fun and weird stuff you may find on our site! Play now »


Still another one supreme looking anime porn mini-game out of Silestaur for all aficionados of”Trials in Tainted Space” in character and common named Anno particularly. Anno is sexy appearing unshaved gal with nice tits and amazing booty which you may have sex with but until the real fun will begin you’re allowed to select the unshaved type of salami for yourself – you can choose between human, horse or even canine man sausage for your personality! There will be some texts and dialogs which you can read if you care for the backgorund stroy or you can get to the most fun part – teasing and making moist Anno’s fuckholes before using them! A little bit of fingering and butt slapping are incldued but these are those puny but titillating details that you should enjoy personally! Play now »