Slave Lords Of The Galaxy [v 0.2.5]

An interactive game that takes place later on in a galaxy. The protagonist of this game is a space traveller. He flew to join this order. Based on rumorsthathe conducts battles in the stadium. He wants to buy some gimps. There are huge-chested women who can be made concubines. So you are provided a selection of actions. You are able to fly to a different galaxy and embark fighting with enemies in order to earn money. Or go to the galactic club to have romp with a call girl. Or embark training and purchasing subs. You place them when they are ready. Along with the struggle for gold will begin. Learn the manual of this game to know all facets of management and training. Become the master of slaves at the galaxy with this game. Play now »

Eros Alliance [Alpha v1.4.0]

An escapade flash game whose action takes place in the future. The main protagonist of the game is really a space explorer. He’s donned at the space port. Let us figure out what to do. Utilize the wasd buttons to manage the character. Then you have to find a beautiful huge-chested sandy-haired doll. You will be given the job of locating a teleporter terminal by her. Use the Spacebar to interact with your environment. So when you discover the terminal, then go to the lobby to proceed your study. There you can choose a couple of quests. Complete them to receive a reward. When you will be a famous space explorer you will have a chance to have intercourse with a huge-chested chick. Would you desire this? Let’s go looking for escapade right now. Play now »