Girls on Glass 2

In this online game, you’ll be compelled to notice 2 identical cards in order to win the prize. On the game’s screen, there are six cards. Click on any of the cards to see the reverse. There will be an image showing a huge boob-hentai woman. These days, you’ll have to extract the exact image from that. There are three chances to get this. If you spot a collection of cards, they’ll begin disappear from the screen. To eliminate all of the cards you need to hump them again. You’ll then destroy the overall image using the hentai ladies. The game then progresses to the next level. There area unit 9 levels in this game. Therefore, the more lasting the number is, the less work you’ve got. Do you want to relax and take a look at the pictures of the hentai? Let’s get to the game now. Play now »