Cassie’s Journey

Cassie is cute lady who happened to be the heroine of this narrative fille dwith horrors and passion. All that embarks if she wakes up from the woods. Where she is or how did she wind up here? She doesn’t have the answers for all these questions. However, what she knows for certain is that she is not alone here. Pretty briefly she will need to face a whole lot of mythical animals on her way to the truth. But how will she find out way depends upon the choices the participant will choose for her at the vital moments of the narrative. Run off or conceal? Attempt to explain or try to seduce? Make your decision and Cassie will face the consequnces of the option immediately! How long she is going to be able to get through in this position? Long enough to escape and discover the turth? Or she will die attempting? That is correct – if you will make a error that her jorney is going to soon be once and for all and you’ll need to begin to play from the very start! Play now »