Castle Whispers

The entire year is 1360 which usually means you’re likely to stop by a medieval time is this game so if you want intrigue and erotic occurring inwards walls of a classic english castle then this particular venture is for you! The main characters of this story will be imperial ostler Gregory and his fiancee Geraldine. They are going to get married but Geraldine is far too hot to stay unnoticed by the rest of the masculines around. Ofcourse all these will attempt to get her into his sofa prior to the marriage has happened but will some of them be succesfull in it? Play the game and find out! Take a look at the”how to perform” tutorial before kicking off the game if you don’t need to get stuck at a really first-ever scene. In case you happened to stcuk anyhow then try to form in the word”monk” and find a hint about what to do when it is possible. Play now »