Gambler Girl – E for Erotic 2

This hentai game is in japanese language and if you don’t knwo it then here is the brief version of the story that will unfold because you will advance thru this game. There is a chick who’s trying to pay her dad’s debts thru the gaming but you – because you’re playing to the”other hand” – see that situation for a perfcet opportunity to receive one more person as the owner. How? By winning the game and by that putting this chick into even larger debts ofcourse which she might have to cover not with currency but with her gorgeous body clearly! And if you are already dreaming about her delcisious kinks that she is hiding under her clothing then you nicer recall you will receive access to them only if you can acquire the card game first that really won’t be just as effortless as you may think. Play now »