Sexial Battle

Matsumoto, Inoue, Shihouin Yoruichi and Hannemu – a group of hot girls from”Bleach” who are constantly read for conflict. Against whom they will fight tonight? Against you! Proove yoruself worthy in confronting each of them (from the choice ofcourse) on the improvised battle stadium and you will get the opportunity to fuck one of these hotties as prize. But don’t believe this will be an easy walk because not only the conflicts here are turn-based also also demand a good deal of planning of your motions but also the terminology of this game is japanese thus without understanding it the only thing you can count on is your fortune (and a small bit of instintcs in case you happened to play your role of jRPG games earlier). Also getting used to navigate thru menus might take some time but if you find mentioned gals sexy enough you should not let this fact to stop from at least giving a try. Play now »