Street Life

This interactive flash novel tells you how hard it is to live on the street for an ordinary dude who collects currency for food and wants some fun. Dude dreamed to go to a club to witness a fucky-fucky flash. However, the dude does not have any cash. But you’re a dude with steel plums. You visit a side alley and watch that a man with a gun and mask. You grab a metallic pipe from the asphalt and hit the burglar. Having searched the figure, you found that a gun and a couple dollars. You come back to the street and go to the doorway of the unclothe bar. There is A stern guard on duty at the entrance. You give him a bribe of a few bucks, and he lets you. Once inside, you see that the barmaid. She is entirely naked and her globes catch your eye. Remember you have a gun. What’s going to happen next in this club? Can a dude meet a girl to get crazy bang-out with her, or will the police come and arrest the dude? You will see the response to this question in the game. Play now »