Spacegirlz 4

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Might be becuase it’s lready part of the game but you may have some issues with comprehending it. Or not if you happen to be a sci-fi devotee who can create a dozen of alien species in your mind in just a second. Anyway the Grand Xenozork has now won! His powers has ampiied because his predominance of the Empress. Now the next wave of damsels must be conquered with the gold pheromones of Xenozork! Keep focus on the stregth of pheromons – if the will be too strong the ladies will weirdo out and sound the alarm. Get them again until they will be too humid to fight back. As for the gameplay your aim seem to be to combine the different colored pheromones in a way that will allow you to defeat and use all these huge-titted space amazons which you will meet on your way to greatness.

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