School of painting

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Should you ever visited an art college and consider erotic as one of arts then very likely you have wondered – when will you get a chance to draw a human body from nature? So does Adam who happens to be the primary part of this game. But loos like he will not have to wondering any longer because the day when he will try to draw his first-ever real model is today! And teh version isn’t going to be any otehr than Kristy that is enchanting! You don’t know her but if you like slender chicks with not very big tits and short black hair then you will like her just as much as Adam will. Which really brings an issue – Adam just can’t focus on the drawing process becass all his blood has squeezed right into another portion of his organism. So if today, he would like to finish his painting he’ll need to do something with it. And Kristy might assist…

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