Samus the Tentacle Trap

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Beautiful and chesty damsel Samus Aran flies in a spaceship. She’s a technical engineer. After ending work, Samus Aran goes to sofa, but all of a sudden she hears an intercom. The voice orders the doll to come back to the police galactic department. Samus believes something isn’t right. She wears a combat spacesuit and comes back . There is nobody there. Unexpectedly, the girl hears a quiet rustle behind her back. And an alien creature using tentacles that were pink attacks it. Samus flees, but the monster lays off after her. So you need to assist Samus Aran is caught by the monster. To do this, choose one of the three tentacles. Act on the circumstance. Then take action, When there’s an opportunity to strike. If you are shot by Samus, use protection. You need to rip her fighting lawsuit the female. And then the creature will be able to fuck this busty blond in her pink and raw fuck slots. Do it right now.

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