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This game (or many likeley interactive manga porn parody) out of”The Seekers” series is likely to make blessed most admirers of”Street Fighter” videogame series in common as well as also the caharacter of pink haired Poison in particular. And if you are true fan of this series then you already know that Poison is actually a transsexual characters so don’t be astonished that she will have a dick nearly as large as three guys that are going to fuck her. Incidentally, these men are going to be Dudley, Deejay and Balrog. To play with the game all you need to do would be to select by clicking on him through the scene which among the men will fuck Poison following. Each of them prefer his own position so you should try them all. Besides that you can choose one of three speed modes for each scene and launch a jizz shot animation at an y moment you want to.

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