Billy’s Quest

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Edit: The re-release of this real time rpg game, today called Billy’s Quest. Original Article: Explore a huge world. Fight angels, Orcs, Giant Spiders and dozens others in Real-time combat. Collect gleaming armour, powerful weapons, and hundreds of other products. Liked this game? Why not spend 2 seconds and recommend it for a collection? Or write a comment below? ———- Release Version 1.04.0: ———- Release Version 1.03.1 C: I immobile the rest of teh bugs people have commented/PM me around. If you’re still experiencing glitches please let me know! ———- Release Version 1.03.1 B: Apparently it still wasn’t working for individuals, I attempted something new at this time. It should now work. . .for sure. Now when you play with the tutorial it needs to be able to get past the fade into black part. ———- Release Version 1.03.1: Fixed a duo minor problems. Mainly the annoying tutorial part (I left behind a = sign…) When it still causes issues please leave a comment below. ———- Release Version 1.03: First public release. If you find a bug please post a comment below or over your official facebook group argument boards. All instructions and tutorials are available in-game.

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