Amazon Island

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This game online will tell the story of an archeology professor who traveled to an island for an associate degree trip. The island is full of interesting things to see, and the professor is able to move from one shore to the other. He takes a break. He is shocked by a man in the bushes and is unable to remember who it is. When the sailor opens his eyes, he discovers that he’s enclosed by an entire tribe of succulent Amazons. They’re all naked. Their Amazon queen, a good looking , sexy lady who has tanned her skin suggests to kill the person, but as soon as the Amazons begin undressing him, the queen changes her thinking. The person is covered in a huge and thick phallus. This could assist the Amazons to satisfy their thirst for love. They’ll be flogging this man over and over more and provides the birth of new Amazons. Don’t delay, and start on the journey now.

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