Summer Slider

"Summer Slider" means that you are likely to play puzzle slider and the image syou are going to build ar egoing to be linked with summer themes one way or the other. Sounds good? Ofcourse it seems good because as it scomes into anime porn games the words"orgy on the beach" will mean fuck-a-thon on the shore in 9 of 10 cases! Levels of the game are broken up into few classes. For example you'll be solving vertical puzzles - just"rotate" vertical parts of the picture until most of them will probably be in their proper locations and you receive a hentai image of some busty anime stunner with big tits and dressed in truly tiny swimsuit buttocks while performing something kinky! Puzzle tasks will be switched to horizontal. And even if you're not so much into mystery games you still should try this one - anime porn artworks here are simply great!

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