Quickie: Summer Special (Public)

Another one special edition for the collection of short and effortless sensual visual books called"Quickie". And this exceptional epsiode will be dedicated to the summer time so in the event you have played xmas special you definitely would like to satisfy your sexy girlfriends under more hot conditions... Even however you have a perceiving that summer break has begun it's passed for two weeks! Which mean sthat in case you wont get out on the beach like now you most likely won't receive any hot chicks until teh end of teh year... or won't receive any chicks in any respect! So gather up and send invitation to one of your gfs who might still be free and would like to join you in this petite but titillating summer adventure. And that means you might enjoy this game much more now you can choose from seven (! )) Distinct language settngs!

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Fuck Town: Cleaning Service

Within this story from"Fuck Town" series you will be enjoying as fellow named Calvin. Calvin is not very popular boy among ladies and works as janitor at cleansing business. But everything will change today because his company got a request for services from Mallory - sexy chick who Calvin would love to fuck! Ofcourse she is clearly lazy when it comes to cleaning up her appartment but how good she is when it comes to sofa? Fiding out it will become your number one goal in this game! Gameplay plot is classiv for its collection. Introduction part, allurement part with somt talking and few minigames when you get to the part that's the reason there's a word"fuck" from the name of the game series. And don't forget to check our site for games if you will love this one!

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Fuck Town: Pensive Promoter

Who will get laid this season in Fuck Town? Some pensive promoter - that is who! The game starts with your character visiting large shopping center where he meets cute chick working as promoter. This seems to be her very first day it this job which means that she will do pretty much everything since you needed to be her boos later all, to get your attention and approval! Give her few advices and don't forget to check her afterward to see how great results she receives before the working day is over. And do not besurprised when you will find her daydreaming but try to find out what she was fantasying instead. Who knows can she will make real some of her and your dreams as an excuse for her unplanned resting time at the working area... For stories from Fucktown just check our website!

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