Futura Gets Busted

Futura is an adventurer who has an ability to travel thru time and distance. However, this period soething ha sgone incorrect - some ghostly creature from the past (or might be in the future?) Has made its budge at the moment while Futura was travelling thru the time stream. Now she's caught inside with this unknown creature... who turned out to be fairly twisted for hookup! And guess what? You'll be enjoying is that this monster! The gameplay is very plain - all you need to do is to choose what exactly you want to do with Futura and to love this animated scene from first-ever person perspective. From rubing and taunting to different kinds of vaginal fuck-a-thon - make Futura's large tits to bounce until you will determine to cum in her or all over her!

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Amazon Punishment

Busty and athletic Amazon lost the struggle and now it is waiting for punishment. To begin with, take a look at her - dark-skinned skin, big tits and a great figure. She's an illustration of an woman. Now look at the game screen. On this screen are the manages. And as there are hints which can allow you to understand what has to be accomplished. You can crop Amazon on the booty or fuck her with an iron chain in her pink vulva. You may even make joy of her big tits. Furthermore, the Queen observes the punishment. Depending on the length of the penalty, the Queen will receive more and more satisfaction. What will happen at the conclusion of the story that is sexual you need to find out for yourself.

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