Koopa Troopa

Seekers: Princess Peach Dream Love

Princess Peach is such a mega-slut! She's bitchy enough not only to cheat Mario but to deceive him with... among the low ranked troopers of Bowser's army! Like Mario you simply turn down to belive that? Then get thru this interactive hentai game and watch everything yourself! First you will see Princess Peach with a nice chatting with a few of those Koopa troopa. Pretty soon the principal theme of their talking becomes his wet dreams around Princess Peach. And guess what? Princess Peach lets him to perform with her what he does with her at those desires of his! Meaning suck off, doggy style fucking, orgy in cowgirl place and even a internal cumshot cum shot! But if you still think that Princess Peach should fuck just with Mario then go to our website - there you will discover truth.

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