Inspector J Episode 6

This porno-game is your 6th part of the series"Inspector J", in which the detective with his spouse - a beauty named Mia, is investigating the event of the disappearance of this woman Jeanne. She captured her boyfriend on cheating with another woman and then disappeared without a trace. There are reasons to consider the guy innocent inside her disappearance, in addition, kidnappings continue. In this already 6th episode you have to meet up with mayor's secretary. Because you don't need to reveal yourself, you'll need to try and pretend to be somebody else, always improvising. This woman will be really hot. It's apparent that the mayor is concerned in this instance, too! Locate all answers and get advice from the busty secretary. This can be a game in the genre of interactive pornography where the narrative is told via the movie, and you need to click on the answers in the bottom of the screen during the dialogues. What brand new clues will be located in this matter? Now it's up to you!

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