Sexial Battle

In this game you will meet four women from popular anime series"Bleach"... yet you will be meeting them not to seduct them howeverto combat them! Ofcourse if you will chance to win the battle they will be prepared to have fuck-a-thon with you without any additional temptation process... Game begins with you choosing a character which you are going next round. It can be Shihouin Yoruichi, Orihime Inoue, Rangiku Matsumoto or Hannemu. After that you will need to plan your tactics and set of abilities an dthis where you might have some troubles isnce the texts in this game ar from japanese! But don't allow this fact to stop you and who knows - may be you will be lucky enough to win the fight and get your dosage of anime porn with one of those buxomy ladies as reward!

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