Campus 2

This is ongoing of previous game. You will need a code out of first match to play this component (attempt this 12531333). Inside this event Alyssa prepares for the first college party. It is your responsibility to pick what she'll do. Make conclusions and see what's going to happen with her and her pussy.

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Break: The Rematch (Demo) (v2)

This is erotic interactive story about youthfull pupil. But truly interesting his life gets when he has an opportunty to work in his high school while being college student. Now he will need to do whatever he can to stay on this endeavor by making everybody around him think he is a brilliant candidate not only for this particular task but for everybody else in school's lifestyle. And only the player will understand that actually this gus isn't so innocent and he needs everyony to think that he is flawless for one reason - so he can easier seduce every chesty girl he'll get an opportunity with! One of his future victories you will see a whole lot of unique women who will be joind into his ultimate hookup harem... if you'll have the ability to help him with that ofcourse.

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