Tokes Of Hazard 1

Charlie goes back with fresh hentai parody which this time will be"The Tokes Of Hazard"! Which is obviously the parody over"The Dukes of Hazzrd" in case you didn't get it. However, not only this one - there'll be more of recognizable charcteres as guest stars in this sequence as well. And today when you know everything you need to know join Charlie in the moment when her truck has died on the side of the road and now she will need to get herself some sort of transport. Ofcourse there is going to be a great deal of unique campers stopping by but most of them won't be considering supporting Charlie... well, not until she'll provide the a really great fucking in comeback. You as a player can love all the funny and sexy situations Charlie can play and get some really elementary minigames from time to time.

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