Campus – Ep 1 pt. 1

This is a manga porn game (well, similar to an animation than a game actually) which is going to take you into fairly unusal venture - not only it'll fetch our hero thru space but through time as well! For some reasosn the main characters of this story being a modern student sees cravings about the events happening centuries ago. It could be easily cosnidered as regular wishes unless they were so real and packed with so many details that it senses like he has been living thru them a several lifetimes ago. Sadly enough this was unsettling time where love was filling the days with sorrow and also feelings that are beatufil was developed under the conditions of warfare. But if you have ineterested and would like to know more details you will have to watchis this cartoon.

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Campus 2

This is ongoing of previous game. You will need a code out of first match to play this component (attempt this 12531333). Inside this event Alyssa prepares for the first college party. It is your responsibility to pick what she'll do. Make conclusions and see what's going to happen with her and her pussy.

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