Whoose badonka donk

In the event if you are not knowledgeable about the words used in the title of the game we've got a simplier variant for you so that you may call this game because"Whose booty is that?" . This name reflects the idea of this gameplay strategy as well - every round your task will be to guess to whome by selecting one of three options, it goes into and you will see a picture of a person amazing. Ofcourse these wonderful booties will be celeb booties - from Beyonce to Cameron Diaz and from Jennifer Lopez into Jessica Biel! But do not spend too long lovin’ the view because each round is going to have a time limitation. After you will complete all phot-quiz testings you will get a final score and based on it rankings. If you will try to replay the game the photos will remain the same so that the only true results is the one you get during your very first walkthrough.

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