body exchange

Succubus Again

This game is for all who likes funny stories involving mysterious powers and bods interchanges. Or for all who likes well made anime porn games with awesoem #D established artstyle. The only minus is that there's not any english version for this game so if you can decide to play with it you might have to try and comprehend what is going on in the visual part of this game just (which is quite possible really). The story starts at some dark night when youthful dude is visited by non other than succubus! With tail and demonic wings and horns - the succubus that is real! Ofcourse she wishes to fuck with this dude (because this is exactly what succubus usually do with individual males to get what they desire sort them) but he seems not to that demonic looks after all. However, what if she could turn into ordinary human female? Lets see if this is possible...

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