Somewhere in Hollywood

Inside this porno-parody you have to dive right into bdsm games along with the celebrities! Popular pop-idols, such as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, decided to tear themselves away on the full night. Selena and two of the friends invite Justin for their mansion using a overnight stay to have a good time . Obviously, the man cannot give up the night with such sexy beauties, and now they arrive at the mansion in the red automobile while Justin and Selena were kissing at the backseat. Apparently, the women have ready a lot of interesting things with this particular celebration, along with the participant on the beginning screen is provided to pick the scene that he enjoy. All sex scenes happen in different parts of the mansion and at several times of the evening. During the sexual scene you need to move slowly at first, then faster so that in the conclusion Justin could cum. All the scenes are varied and each has its own characteristics and intriguing capabilities. Try each of them and figure out how ends this sexy night!

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