Megumi Ball Party

This is an arcade game similar to arcanoid games but with a little bit changed basic gameplay scheme - here you still have to prevent ball from hitting the dangerous onbject and send into the decent direction in order to finish the level. Only you won't be controlling any platforms - here you will drawing the bouncing platform by yourself! Any length and at any place - that the request is to lead the ball into sunlight and help it to run away any otehr crimson zones and objects. Each time you will conclude the round you will be rewarded with a single photograph from Megumi - (very!) Buxomy erotic model from Japan! Overall there will be half an hour in this game but ofcourse each fresh degree will likely be tighter than the former one... while every fresh photo will probably be hotter than the previous one also!

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Kitsumi: The Cheating Wife

Tonight's story from "Lession of Fire" game series will be around Kitsumi - sexy asian chick who might be married however it won't prevent her from banging around whenever she desires and whomever she wants to! Kitsumi isn't only cheating wife - she additionally a spoiled reach bitch. Which actually works for her lustful functions very nicely. As an instance when TV is broken she could call for fix master. And if she will love him... well, he will need to take good care not only of busted TV but instead of one pussy in warmth - no thing does he wants it or not. The narrative is created as visual book with pretty good 3D models yet a few instances it will let you to select one of several options or play some simple minigames as soon as it has to do with hot action scenes. If untreated oriental wifey is the subject - then you probably already playing this sport!

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