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If you want to play videogames and love hot chicks in tight spandex suist then you probably already know who Widowmaker from”Overwatch” is. And you also know that she’d be a good personality for manga porn parody for this particular game. Actually, she is! The game starts with a minute when Widowmaker happens to overlook her shot for you. And now she is going to receive her reparatiosn today and here. But what it will be? Are you going to allow he rto finish what she has embarked? Or will you try to find the way to satiate her ego in a few other ways? Choose the answer options in dialogs with Widowmaker where you will be led this moment by your tongue, and see! Ofcourse the best of options are to fuck her good enough so that she could leave you alive for afterwards… Play now »

Sci-Fi Pleasures

The story here is simple : a blue haired hottie sporting amazing bodycurves meet a mechnaical robot sporting multiple tentaclesand togteher they are… having great fucking ofcourse! It’s difficult to tell what to expect from a themed hentai website. If this is what you are searching for, you’ll discover it. Also, you will find an entertaining, short entertainment from the world of entourage science fiction. This will let you to imagine what the fucking machine of the future will be, and how bizarre the human nature will remain. Let’s not spend our time. Let’s simply enjoy a well-made hentai game with lots of penetration and everything else! More information is available on our site. Play now »

Pure Pure Hentai Quiz

In “Pure Pure Hentai Quiz” you’ll play pretty classic quiz game within the team of beautiful Hinata. The cute girl will reward you with hot striptease and other goodies in the event that you complete all questions correctly. However, don’t hurry because if you be unable to provide the correct answer, you’ll have to start the testing from scratch. There might be some hints along the way so pay attention to every thing that happens on screen regardless of how hard it will be to take your sight off of Hinata’s bodycurves. And ofcourse this is not the only Hentai-themed quiz gameso if you will need more information, then you’re always invited to browse our site! Have fun! Play now »

Sisters of the Coast 2

Seems like getting into mitts of pirate crew was just the beginning of the adventures for two sisters and heroines of their first-ever game. Now they’ve interested the pirate hunter (that can be a female by the way) thus their private meeting in captain’s cottage are happening increasingly more frequently and in case you really need to find out what is happening that you ought to begin playing the game at the moment. Besides our heores will specify a foot onto a dry land at some stage yet rather than salvation they are going to face wild tribes which are obviosuly likely to attract much more of sensual experience in their lives. The particular term for this particular episode is”booty” – type it when you don’t have any idea of what to do next in order to get a sign (if that is possible in the present time). Play now »

Moonlust: The first bite

Vampires are among the very attractive dream creatures in culture so no wonder there are erotic games about them been published. Incidentally one of games you’re about to play now and you guessed it right – here you will get your chance to become the vampire! But you won’t be playing as any vampire. Really your personality was bitten just a few month ago which makes you fairly a new-comer. Yet you have developed some pretty usefull seduction skills and tonight is the night when you are going to put them. Visit fancy nightclub and find the female who will share with you not only her blood but take some part in your sexual playtime too. More sensual games out of”Lesson of Passion” series you can always locate on our website. Play now »

TMNT April O’Kneel

Be prepared to see that your great old TV friend Apriel O’Neil in a fully new vignette of her own adventures! In this gig you will observe this plucky reporter moving solo against both Beebop and Rocksteady! She was trying to acquire a fresh feeling but instead these two jurks came out of nowhere. How is this chick gonna fight these evil mutants? Well, looks like there will not be any need to struggle after all these men are here only to fuck some hot chick and it happened they got thier eyes April… and April got her eyes on their massive chisels! She might not be a vampire but she undoubtedly knows how to handle huge pecker… and you’ll be able to love every scene of the sensational report ! And in case if you’re going to need it the end password is really logical – it is”APRIL”! Play now »

Shoot to Strip

This is a very intriguing and ordinary adult flash game. Your main assignment in this game is to take a rifle on the window panes. Behind them will probably always be a gorgeous chick. You’re given 60 seconds to break all the parts of the window and find a reward – you will see this beauty totally nude. The game has several levels of difficulty. Use the mouse to control the match and shoot the windows. Play now »

Fuck Town: Christmas Adventures

It’s xmas year in Fuck Town and also in order to invest it fun enough you ar eplanning to utilize services of some distinctive parties agency. Ofcourse the celebration will begin right after you will observe that the reception female of the service – hot looking blonde with huge tits who looks superb in her far-from-business costume… The story told in this game might seem too linear for you but it is partially reimbursed with interactive minutes during hookup scenes. If you would like to be succesfull at manga porn vignette syou will need not just to listen exactly what your lover wants at the moment but in addition provide her with it in time by shifting distinct bang-out modes based on her requests. Also these scenes have been animated and drawn really good even from the standrds of this game collection. Play now »

Fairy Tail girls pov fuck

This second game is pretty brief yet it will make happ all fand of”Fairy Tail” anime and notably all aficionados of ginger-haired ultra-cutie Erza Scarlet! Only within this game you will get your opportunity to love your favorite damsel riding big hard man meat from first person perspective so that you could lightly imagine it is your trouser snake she is fucking right now! See her breasts bounce like crazy with every shove which also brings her a lot of pleasure as you can tell by her blushing face. But if you happened to be a worshipper of Lucy or may be Juvia then you should test this game anyhow because authors made a choice to add these lady into the game too so that you could switch inbetween all three femmes at any time simply clciking in their portraits on the side of game screen! Play now »

Easter blonde

Brickhouse Betty is back wiht fresh funny and sexy story for you – now it will be all around”Easter Bunny”. The narrative will let you know about Angus who works in a shopping center. And since this is an easter season he has to work clothed as Easter Bunny. Quite a boring job for youthfull man. Also it is indeed sexy in this particular costume… and it becomes hooter if Betty arrives at the scene! But following happens something whichour stud was nevere xpecting – Betty is one of these blondes who thinks this Easter Bunny is true! So our hero decides to use this reality to find a funtime with buxom blond… The game is in fact created as joke story animation so there won’t be some gameplay in any way. However, if you want hilarious and sensual tales then check for much more on our website! Play now »