The Rise of Bhaal Alpha 0.0.1

Bhaal is not only the main hero o fthis rpg adventure but also the son-in-law of Lucifer himself! And when Lucifer finds the best way to run away his underworld kingdom it is up to Bhaal to shoot his father place... but only to find out that he is not powerfull enough to rule the Gehenna whatsoever! So all thsi situation did not revved for many worlds he will need to discover a way to attract Lucifer back into apocalypse. Together with his sister-in-law he is not going to only deal with numerous enemies but also unsheathe the dreadfull truth behind Lucifer's strategies and probably even ruin them... or join them so as to get sufficient power! Ofcourse during his searches he will visit Earth kingdom where he can meet lots of sexy ladies to have joy with because not every day has to be filled with just problems, right?

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