Smutty Scrolls Aelia Fishing

"Smutty Scrolls - Aelia Fishing" is a very intriguing looking fantasy game with elements of puzzle solving and erotic content. In this world you will be enjoying as slime monster yet non the less you'll have few useful qualtities that ought to allow you to conquer all the obstacles in your way to receive your real love that really isn't a slime dame but curvy witch. Ofcourse the location where she resides and the simple fact that she's fairly a wicked sista will provide you with a lot of torubles however in case you will keep your mind cool and eyes opened then sooner or afterward you will discover solution for all the stages and get your trophy! Just figure out the way to resolve teh mystery on each location and don't leave behind to look at the neighborhood shop for usefull items from time to time.

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