Slave Nimiara V0.2 (Public Version)

In this game you are going to learn the story. So early in the afternoon. The voice of the damsel. Since he's overslept, she will be Nafir. Master calls Nafir into himself. Go to the closet and dress the maid. To interact with the game, use keyboard and the mouse. Go to the Lord. But be cautious, the Guru is in a terrible mood. So Nafir goes thru the hall. He sees that the Boss. He instructions Nafir to create him a bathroom. There will be a guard with a sub. This is a beautiful chick and Nafir is staring at her tits. The Master notices this. He also scolds Nafir. But Nafir was certainly in love. Can Nafir be able to find out a way to meet the victim and not annoy the Master? You will see the reaction in this game.

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