HennaLove Adventures

Do you need to seize the land that is fertile to have a lot of riches? Certainly yes. But first-ever you've got to kill the guardians of these grounds. You're a gorgeous and busty transgender female. It's true, you've got big and sweet tits and a round booty. However, youhave a fat dick. When the time comes, you will use it. Look at the game display. Then select among the 4 lands you need to attack. Then choose the difficulty of this game. Following that, the war begins. By shooting them, you need to kill the defenders of the nation. There'll be a few sways of protection and you must kill everyone. There will be a keeper of the country. She's a highly effective assault and a strong force field. Try to kill her. And after that you can rape a chick in taut cunny and a round caboose. Begin your invasion.

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